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Over 50 degrees: India experiences record heat

Over 50 degrees: India experiences record heat

The highest temperature ever recorded in the country was recorded in India.

According to the Indian National Meteorological Agency (IMD), one was reported in the nearby suburb of Mungeshpur, on Wednesday afternoon (local time). A hot wave inhabited metropolitan area of ​​delhi, 52.3°C registered.

India's previous record was 51 degrees: it was measured in 2016 in the desert region of Phalodi in Rajasthan.

High risk of heat stroke

In India, where it is annual July Monsoon rainy season With temperatures expected to drop slightly, extreme heatwaves in the summer are not uncommon. However, according to scientific findings, these are due to Climate change Longer, stronger and more frequent.

The Metropolitan Area Meteorological Service announced Delhi A heat warning is issued. She added that there was a “very high risk of heat-related health problems and heatstroke” for “people of all ages.” Vulnerable people need “exceptional attention”.

Delhi fears water shortage

The authorities fear a water shortage in the city, which has a population of more than 30 million people. The Times of India reported that Delhi Regional Water Minister Atishi Marlena appealed to people for “collective responsibility” to avoid wasting water. Among other things, water should be delivered only once a day to several areas in Delhi, instead of twice a day, Atishi told the Indian Express.

Water supplied in this way should benefit areas where daily water supplies were previously sufficient for only 15 to 20 minutes.

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According to many observers, the heat wave in Delhi began in the neighboring state of Rajasthan, where temperatures exceeding 50 degrees were already recorded on Tuesday. Many people in India's neighboring country Pakistan are currently suffering from a heat wave. On Sunday, the temperature was measured at 53 degrees in Mohenjo Daro in rural Sindh province.