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He takes care of talent training in Hartberg

He takes care of talent training in Hartberg

Christian Lang, former coach of Sturm-Frauen, is the new junior sports director at Hartberg. Hartberg and the 48-year-old made initial contact two years ago. The Hartbergers wanted support in creating a youth concept. “I was hoping to do it, but Sturm didn’t like it very much. I understood that at the time,” says Lang.

Now, starting July 1, Lang will take on the role of Youth Leader at Hartberg Juniors – not at the DSM Academy. “Those are two different stories, but there will be intersections,” says Lang. “There will be interfaces,” says Hartberg’s managing director, Eric Corher. East Styrian’s approach is clear: “We want to train as much as possible. That works great in the academy, but there are no players who just come or want to come to the academy.” And the path to the Bundesliga is possible not only through the academy, but also through the Styrian and KM2 performance class for Hartbergers.

In this context, Lang speaks of a “huge challenge”. The 48-year-old will not coach a team himself. “I’ve been on the sidelines for 31 years. I’m letting that go now,” says Lang. Instead, it will move the strings in the background, developing coaches and players. As a 17-year-old Lange was an assistant coach for the U14s team at Dobl, from 2003 to 2009 he was active in the youth team at GAK and was also in charge of the youth teams at Sturm before becoming the women’s coach. At the same time, he initiated the development of the “Justice Kids” project for the “Judiciary” association.

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In any case, Koreher is happy: “I think we have just the right guy for the job. This is another step towards more professionalism.” Together with amateur coach Markus Karner and Bundesliga coach Markus Schaub, a coaching philosophy must be established. The young coaches first got to know each other during the children’s tournament in Hartberg. “I look forward to working out, first conversations about strategy and getting to know the coaches,” says Lang. For Korherr, it’s about being well supported by all the players: “One becomes a professional and the other a good administrator. But everyone has to stay at TSV Hartberg.”