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So it is about his future in the Austrian Football Association

So it is about his future in the Austrian Football Association

In the summer of last year, Emmanuel Ayew said goodbye to SK Rapid Vienna and dared his first adventure abroad.

The centre-back has switched to Serie A Cremonese for a reported €3.5m. There he belonged to the extended tribe and made a total of 23 league appearances.

But the 23-year-old was unable to prevent the underdog from going down. Although Aiwu is contractually bound to the team from Cremona until 2026, he is considering his future with chancellor Marcelo Prellmann.

“The best performances against the world’s greatest”

As he stresses, it is not the ÖFB’s goal to play in the second division next season. “Emmanuel managed to attract the attention of many interested parties with his performance,” Perelman schedule“.

Because Aiwu has shown that “he can put in the best performances even against the biggest players in the world – like Inter Milan or AS Roma,” says the consultant.

He confirms that there is interest from the five major leagues as well as from the smaller ones. In addition, he “interviews the person in charge from Red Bull Salzburg”, which makes Brillmann sit up and take notice. But this does not mean that “there must be something in the near future,” he puts it in perspective in the footnote.

However, he ruled out a quick return: “For other clubs, a return to Austria would be impossible at this time.”

Hotline to England

Brillmann is primarily trying to enable his client to stay abroad. ‘One or the other’ Serie A team is showing interest, and there is also a connection with English second-division club Burnley.

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The chancellor is also quite open about the question of which country Aiwu could eventually choose. Recently, the 23-year-old announced that he is considering moving to the Nigerian Football Federation. The Austrian Football Association’s sports director Peter Schüttle then reassured him “how much the association thinks of Emmanuel and that they plan very well with Emmanuel,” said Prellmann.

He explained that no decision would be made any time soon, because “for us, the next transfer window is now our top priority.”

However, one does not want to rein in either association. Perelmann concludes, “We respect Nigeria as much as we respect Austria. In the end, a decision must be made. If it were Nigeria, they would have preferred to invite Emmanuel to the current path.”