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‘He Was On Earth’: There Are Songs Nick B

‘He Was On Earth’: There Are Songs Nick B

On Saturday 15 April, Carinthian pop singer Nick B will appear at 8.15pm on ARD (Das Erste) on The Beatrice Egli Show. He might not have imagined last year he was looking forward to this performance, as an injury to his spinal disc sent Frisacher off track. Surgery followed on his back, and he couldn’t even feel his feet for a short while.

It is no coincidence that he now feels fit and healthy again: “I’ve done a lot for my health. I followed the program to build abs and back muscles,” says the 61-year-old. MDR Magazine “Meine Schlagerwelt”.

But new songs were also created during this rehabilitation period, because a new album was soon to be released. But one thing was particularly notable with these songs: “Psychologically and mentally, I was really frustrated. And then when you feel better and you hear these songs that I wrote during this time, you think: ‘Oh my God, I can’t ask my fans to release that,'” It’s a little too sad.”

However, fans will likely only find out how much melancholy is left on the album at the end of fall, when it’s supposed to be released.

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