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Heart slipped into my pants

Heart slipped into my pants

MUNICH – Before Justin Tucker started his field attempt three seconds before the end of the game, the Detroit Lions had a 99.9 percent chance of winning.

However, the Baltimore Ravens soccer player had other plans and shot his team from an incredible 66 yards to victory. In addition, he broke a new NFL record for the longest field goal in NFL history.

Justin Tucker heats up: ’65 yards is too short’

Obviously, the preparations made by the record kicker before the match were worth it. First, the 31-year-old hits several hits from nearly 60 yards without any effort. In Detroit, he already had good experiences in his career. His previous record of 61 yards was also achieved in 2015 at Ford Field in Motor City.

A little later he ventured to greater distances. Part of his warm-up routine is trying attempts from 65 yards. Curious: As he said after the match, he made two very short attempts on Sunday.

“Before the match, I was shorter than 65 yards, but I was so close,” he told ProFootballTalk after the match, “It didn’t matter whether I was grateful for the opportunity I had in front of it, whether I was subjective. When asked how he would have felt, I was shorter than 65 yards, but I was so close,” he told ProFootballTalk. Before that.

He didn’t really think about it at the moment and focused solely on winning the match for his team: “These aren’t just my friends and teammates, this is my family. Nick Moore has given the ball back perfectly before,” the grateful man of the hour showed.

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Time stands still for a moment

“I knew I had a chance to do it. I hit the ball perfectly and I felt great when it took off. I saw it hit the crossbar and then it just got up in the air,” he said several times. The bowler about his standard kick.

At that moment, time stood before him: “My heart slipped into my pants. I thought for a moment that he was just jumping in the air and not getting in,” said this Texas native in closing.

Next week, the Baltimore Ravens will face the previously undefeated Denver Broncos. Who knows: maybe Tucker will have to break his own record again by then.

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