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Hartbergs Sonnleitner: "Austria only shoots forward" - football

Hartbergs Sonnleitner: “Austria only shoots forward” – football

Hartburg – Monday, 09/27/2021, 8:52 am

“We scored three goals at home against Austria, and that’s not enough for anything,” says Dario Tadic, annoyed in the match.kidsThe disappointment in the TSV Hartberg camp after the 3:4 defeat at home to Veilchen in the ninth round of the Bundesliga is great.

This is mainly because the Styrians already think they deserve to win. “Everyone who watched the match saw that we were a much better team and that we played constructive football. They destroyed balls, shot the balls forward and were hoping for something to happen,” said Mario Sunleitner. A look at the stats shows that 17.4% of Hartberger’s passes were long passes, while Austria was 22.9%.

Why did the Hartbergers look through their fingers at the end? “We made a lot of mistakes and then you can’t win the match,” Sonleitner said.

Coach Kurt Ross: “On the one hand, I’m angry, on the other hand I can see that the team is alive. We kept playing forward and got up after every setback. Such defeats were very painful.”

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