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Heat and Ice: Weather in the Vienna Library

Heat and Ice: Weather in the Vienna Library

Whether it is floods, heatwave, ice or wind, weather has always been an important factor in the lives of Viennese, which can be found in literature, music, advertising, politics and many other fields. The Vienna Library, located in the City Hall, has made this the subject of its new exhibition. A large period of time is taken into account, from the first regular weather observations, for example in the “hundred-year calendars”, to the glacial explosion in 1929, in which the Danube froze from the Wachau to Hainburg, to climate change today.

Event notification

Weather exhibition at the Vienna Library in the City Hall, from May 23 to December 6, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A rare weather phase

Archives and libraries rarely highlight weather, which often seems too commonplace for cultural and historical discussion. However, it is found in many places within the collections of the Vienna Library, whether in letters, product advertisements, piano compositions, scientific notes, regulations or on postcards.

Weather events and observations can also shape society and the city, which is what the Vienna Library wants to show through its exhibition. People's relationship with the weather is examined in a new and detailed way, which can be expressed in a variety of ways, from angry letters to dreamy drawings. Scientific engagement with the topic is also traced, from the first meteorological records to research into climate change.

From May 23 to December 6, these and many other aspects of the weather in Vienna can be explored at the Vienna Library in the City Hall with free admission. The exhibition opens on May 22 at 7 p.m.

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Accompanying band: Comer, Ambros, Strauss

In addition to the exhibition, an accompanying volume examines the topic in a broader context and brings together essays from experts. In addition to the interview with Christa Kummer-Hofbauer, ORF weather presenter, climate scientist and hydrologist, you can also find articles about weather in film, music, art, and more. For example, Wolfgang Ambros is the subject of his album “Gewitter”, as is Johann Strauss, who often commented sentimentally on the weather in his correspondence.