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Heat and thunderstorms during the next few days in Austria - Austria

Heat and thunderstorms during the next few days in Austria – Austria


Austria is currently expected to see heat and thunderstorms in the next few days. This prediction also applies to the Danube Island Festival in Vienna.

who – which weather According to the ZAMG forecast, during the Danube Island Festival in Vienna, the weather will be mixed: on Friday it will be initially sunny, and in the evening the tendency to rain will slowly increase. Saturday will see major turbulence, which can fade at times, but rain and thunderstorms are also possible. On Sunday, the sun will rise over the Danube island with a temperature of 31 degrees.

ZAMG forecast for Austria

Early Friday morning the south and west will be affected by disturbances with some clouds, rain and even local thunderstorms. During the day, the turbulence will continue to expand and the thunderstorm will slowly spread to the east by evening. Especially in the mountains and in the east, a live southeast to south wind sometimes blows. Morning temperatures of 13 to 19 degrees followed by daily highs of 25 to 31 degrees.

Saturday starts dry and sunny in southern and eastern Austria

In the south and east, Saturday begins mostly dry and sunny. Otherwise there will be a lot of clouds and there will be little rain, which will also be heavy locally. With few sunny periods there can be thunderstorms in the east and then also in the south and southeast. In the mountains and generally in the west, afternoons will be mostly friendly and dry, but from Waldviertel and Weinviertel through the eastern edge of the Alps to the south, it will still be unsettled in the evening from today’s perspective. The wind blows moderately to fast from the west in the north and east, otherwise it would still be weaker. Morning temperatures range from twelve to 20 degrees, and daily highs are from 24 to 30 degrees.

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Midsummer shower weather on Sunday

The medium high impact will ensure midsummer shower weather on Sunday. The sun’s rays prevail over a wide area, mostly consisting of cumulus flatus clouds over the mountains. In the west and south alone, the risk of thunderstorms will increase slightly in the afternoon. It is slightly windy, mostly from the east. The thermometer shows 12 to 20 degrees in the morning, with maximum temperatures from 28 to 33 degrees during the day.

High pressure impact on Monday in Austria

On Monday, the Eastern Alps region in a southwesterly direction was under the influence of weak high pressure. This means that more subtropical air masses are approaching and causing summer temperatures to rise to 36 degrees. Early in the morning, the likelihood of thunderstorms will increase, first on the north side of the Alps and then in the west. Thunderstorms form sporadically, but have a high potential for damage.

Temperatures up to 36 degrees

With lower atmospheric pressure from the northwest, the southern flow intensifies in the Eastern Alps, which makes it very hot, especially in the east and southeast, with temperatures reaching 36 degrees. From the west, the risk of thunderstorms increases significantly in the early morning hours.