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Heat explosion of more than 35 degrees! It’s getting especially hot here in Germany – Meteorology

The heat is keeping us tightly under control right now. Until Monday next week, temperatures will remain above 30°C. This week’s temperature development shows that hardly any other country in Europe is as hot as ours.

The highest temperatures will be in Germany Thursday in the west. Between the Upper Rhine Plain and Münsterland, temperatures are around 35 degrees.

Heat is not without consequences. Thursday’s first thunderstorms can occur there due to the influence of low pressure from the west. It cools a little with storms.

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Friday heat concentrated in the east

However, in the east, it is still dry and hot due to the effect of high pressure. Thus, the heat focus on Friday will also be in eastern Germany. From the Lüneburg Heath to Oder, temperatures can rise above 35 degrees.

In the days that followed, the focus of the heat shifted more and more to the east. This does not mean that the rest of the country will remain calm. With circulating temperatures approaching 30 degrees, it remains hot and humid across Germany.

And the night still did not bring any rest. Lowest temperatures remain around 20 degrees through Monday.

It’s like being outside in temperatures like this – but remember to drink enough and protect yourself with a hat and sunscreen. Important: it is better not to use the cream from last year – buy a new one for optimal protection. You can do this at the supermarket or online:

The heat ends with a bang

High temperatures will decrease across Germany only on Monday. However, one warning situation alternates with the other. Because from Sunday there will be severe thunderstorms again in Germany.

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