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Heavy rain threatens here today in Carinthia «

Heavy rain threatens here today in Carinthia «

In parts of Carinthia, heavy rain can be expected on Wednesday afternoon. Thunderstorms are also possible. How will it continue in the next few hours.

10:48 am, August 4, 2021


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On Tuesday, a violent thunderstorm with hail hit the Lavant Valley © Batchizel

A rain front moves over Carinthia on Wednesday: From late afternoon onwards, heavy rain can be expected in parts of Carinthia. Upper Carinthia is particularly affected by this – especially Lesachtal and the Obere Drautal. There can also be violent thunderstorms locally. The lowest warning level was issued. According to a meteorologist, Paul Rayner From the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) in this field 40 to 50 liters per square meter As expected, it could be more at certain points. who are they Historical amounts of rain, which was last measured in Graz, one of which is remote.

Heavy rain in Upper Carinthia will continue into the night, and Thursday morning it will still be widely rainy. After that the weather slowly improves. In the rest of Carinthia it is choppy on Wednesday, occasional thunderstorms are expected, but for the most part it should remain dry.

Rainer says Thursday will be a colder day across the country with temperatures just above 20 degrees. For the rest of the week, ZAMG is expecting something fun summer weather With temperatures just below 30 degrees.

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