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Heavy rains in the United States have left many dead and missing

Flash-like flooding in Tennessee: The storm killed at least 16 people, and many more are still missing.

At least 16 people have been killed in flash floods in the US state of Tennessee. Sheriff Chris Davis of Humphreys County, about 100 kilometers west of Nashville, a local broadcaster on the NBC network, said about 30 people were still missing.

The daily newspaper “The Tennysine” also reported about 50 missing persons. In addition, the mayor of Waverley in the county said the youngest victim was only seven months old.

National Security facilitates recovery

After torrential rain from Friday night until noon on Saturday (local time), flash floods occurred in many places. NBC says national security helps rescue victims

Records show flooded streets, vehicles being swept away and buildings being vandalized. According to the ABC, there were also malfunctions in the electricity and cell phone network. Rainfall in the state has reached record levels.

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