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American rap stars present musicians with Heilprone career notes

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“Create Life” made very early connections with artists who are streaming billions of times today.

Berke Cossack, from Northheim-Northausen in the Heilbrann district, already had a right nose at the age of ten: in 2014 he simply wrote to Jahsay Onfry. At the time, no one knew the American rapper by the nickname XX Dentation. “He only had 600 Twitter subscribers,” Kozak explains. “But I was already a big fan of his and started composing music myself. XXXTentacion gave me tips on how to improve.

The young musician from Hailbran County was also in contact with American rapper Juice World from Illinois – before he became world famous. Then musician tragedies happened: XXXTentacion was shot in June 2018, Juice World died in December 2019 from pill overdose. The two musicians who died now have about 30 million listeners a month on American rap legends and Spotify. XXXTentacion has broken the line of one billion streams with many songs. Rapper Kozak: “I’m still writing with XXXTentacion’s father, Twain Onfroy.”

American rap stars present musicians with Heilprone career notes

Both the father of the United States and the late rap stars listened to the songs of a 17-year-old musician from the Hailbran County before he died. Period: The young musician has talent, must of course go his own way and not follow his American rap idols.

Rap music

The style of music comes from African-American culture and is, above all, characterized by a song that speaks to rhythmic background music. Rob became popular in the United States in the 1980s through artists such as The Grandmaster Flash. At the beginning of the millennium, musicians like Eminem and Doctor. Tray, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent led the way for American rap in the global music mainstream.
Rap music is currently the most commercially successful genre in Germany. The best-selling artists and groups in German-speaking countries include 187 Strasonbande, RAF Camora, Contra Kay and Capitol Bra.

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The young musician from Hailbran County has been publishing his own stories at Rob Beats for many years under the name Make Out Life. The lyrics are about friends who leave, relationships that end in depression and how money changes people. Musically, Rob mixes with Make Out Life and its producer Carloxxctxyy99 R’n’B ‘and rock guitars. Texts will always be in English. He has not released any music videos yet, but they are currently scheduled.

Young rappers from Heilbron: with Instagram influence for greater influence

17-year-old: “Musically there are no limits. I don’t want to follow in the footsteps of my American rap statues, I just want to leave my own identity. My platform name is to encourage people to create something in their life. But other success stories from the Heilbron area are also encouraging: for example, the rapper drama recently released the official anthem for the Turkish team at the Olympics in Tokyo.

I do not want to follow the ways of my idols, I want to leave my own traces.

The rapper creates life from Heilbron

It depends on the social media sites: he has on Instagram Musicians from the district of Heilbron 26,000 subscribers. She continues to go live on Instagram with influence like Christina Hagan (347,000 subscribers). “We each re-register each other’s jobs.” But other musicians from the Heilbron district also work with big names in this scene: Brockmaster B. Recorded a song with Echo Fresh.

Rap Music: Success via Spotify Playlists

The song “I Won’t Even Speak Korean Elma” was the biggest hit of my life. The strip has reached more than 40,000 streams across the sites. With his rap talent, the 17-year-old is not only a promising young musician from the Hailbran area. Now Make Out Life wants to be included in as many Spotify playlists as possible. I hope he succeeds in other ways than XXXTentacion and Juice Wrld. Living myths are more admirable than dead myths.

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