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Heidi Klum celebrates Halloween as a giant worm – dpa

Heidi Klum (49) cemented her reputation as the “Queen of Halloween” with an extreme costume: Disguised as a giant worm, the supermodel outrun the New York paparazzi for a traditional Halloween party. Only small slits for the eyes and mouth were free under the layers of “skin” with a reddish-shiny throat.

A fishing hook hung at the end of the plump tail of the costume, the other end of the fishing rod being grabbed by her husband, who was disguised as a fisherman. Tom Kaulitz in hand. Makeup artists have horribly distorted the face of the 33-year-old with drooping eyes.

Throughout the day, Klum shared with her fans her outfit preparations for this year. Initially, the model’s Instagram account showed a revealing photo with the caption: “Halloween Preparation is the first step!! » to see. Then Klum posted several times More videos For more advances in fashion.

The 49-year-old previously revealed to the US show Entertainment Tonight that she would feel “extremely claustrophobic”. You will be wearing heavy prosthetics so that you are unrecognizable.

Klum often puts it on for Halloween. With artificial buttocks, breasts, and face pads, the 2015 model was transformed into a curvy cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. In 2018, after hours of work, Fiona is chubby from the animated movie Shrek, with Tom Kaulitz at her side as a plump green ogre.

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