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Sweet Lyrics on ‘Dancing Stars’: Corina Camper Loves Danilo Campisi ‘So Much’

Sweet Lyrics on ‘Dancing Stars’: Corina Camper Loves Danilo Campisi ‘So Much’

The air is becoming thinner, the tasks are more and more demanding, so the nerves of the remaining participants in the ORF show “Dancing Stars” are on edge. Especially the former contestant Corinna Camper and its professionals Danilo Campisi It was a tough week of training. There was an argument, and tears flowed, but they were soon reconciled.

“Only those who love each other very, very much can argue like that,” Kamper said with a wink to KURIER.

“It’s actually hard to find the right strength when training. Because I can’t get a lot of understanding. It seems a little weird. Not because I don’t want to do it humanely, but it just doesn’t work. This is now my fifth season and I know just that. If I don’t get more stern and understanding, we won’t make it. Of course I don’t want to be a donkey and that’s why it’s hard to balance after that.”

“But what works really well for us is that we always talk to each other when something like this happens and we compensate very quickly,” he says.

The spats and hard training paid off in full, as the two were able to convincingly tango including the challenge of web dancing and subsequent samba.

Still feeling very fit, Camper says, “I’m really glad it worked out so well, because I’m always so nervous beforehand. And of course things go wrong in rehearsals shortly before that.”

“Honestly, I already said to Danilo, everyone has something, not just me, are we doing something wrong?” she said, laughing. “You see, maybe I’m not that bad as a partner after all. I take good care of you, can you tell?” Campese smiles.

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