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Heidi Klum: Lenny's daughter will 'play a role' at GNTM this year

Heidi Klum: Lenny’s daughter will ‘play a role’ at GNTM this year

the “Next Topmodel in Germany– The boss loves to talk from the sewing box! Whether it is about intimate details of her married life with the guitarist ‘Tokyo Hotel’ Tom Kaulitz (32) Hot Shots in Little Clothes: Heidi Klum (48) He knows how to make headlines.

Suddenly what you’re wearing underneath appears! In the video above, you can watch little Heidi Klum’s dance as she wears a jogger.

So far she has kept her children lenny (17), Henry (16), johan (15) and if (12) largely out of the public eye. But this is changing little by little! At least since her first appearance on the cover of her magazine, Heidi’s eldest daughter Lenny has played an increasingly important role in the fashion world. To her mother’s delight!

Heidi Klum: She is ‘very proud’ of her children

In an interview with Bild newspaper, Heidi Klum recently explained that she is “extremely proud” of her four children. Especially with Lenny, who started out as a model, looks closer than ever. Heidi even revealed that the 17-year-old will “play a role” in the upcoming GNTM season. “Nevertheless, Lenny is focusing on school and college applications,” the 48-year-old added. In an interview with “Build” Heidi Klum also admitted that she and her husband Tom love music: “I love to sing. Preferably all day long. My husband knows it makes me happy. Just like I love him when he plays something. On piano or guitar for me.”

‘More Love’: This is what Heidi Klum wants this year

So it’s no wonder Heidi has her own song for the upcoming 17th season of “The Next German Supermodel” with nothing but Snoop Dogg (50) is registered. The businesswoman explained, “I’m a huge fan of Snoop. It was really indescribable working with the ‘Godfather of Rap’ in his studio. I love him. My kids are so proud of me. The song is positive and engaging. It feels like you’re dancing.” Finally, Heidi Klum dreamed in an interview with “Bild”: “In 2022 I wish myself more happiness, more laughter, more dancing, more love.”

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