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Song for Sunday: Deichkind – “In Nature”

The big party is over and instead of the party there’s pure nature: at least with Hamburg’s worst band Remmidemmi Deichkind and their new song “In der Natur”, our song for Sunday.

From Michaela Pichler

Deichkind are masters of irritability. They’ve proven it not just once in the band’s 25-year existence. And what could be more annoying than yodeling as the first label after a three-year hiatus? These vocals were only present at the end of the production, when Deichkind learned of the Swiss duo Stimmhorn and decided Sample vocal sighs Borrowed. This is how the band has it FM4 Interview with Christian Lehner Tell. Musically, the intro is tricky stuff at first, the band’s internal plan to immediately cause confusion with the individual work.

In nature – this is where you break your foot. In nature – this is where the survival book fails. In nature – no one helps when calling. Haven’t showered for long and didn’t book this here.

A few years ago, no one would have thought that the Hamburg band Krawal-und-Remedy would start singing. But now the party is over even at Deichkind. The hour after hour is held at the new track in green, in the surrounding local entertainment district. This bobo pops the big city in expensive Patagonian fleece jackets and those who want to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of neoliberalism. However, in nature, things are often quite different.

Expectations were high, and this branch is very hanging.
The looks of the animals seem very passive-aggressive to me.
No account, no god – this is not universal.
Nobody wants you here and it’s raining in your tent.

For “In der Natur”, Deichkind went against her regular electronic album in the face– Volume is selected and applied to more synthetic fabric softener. Hence the synthesizers make their big appearance in song – at the latest when the forest, in which one craves for “oat milk and warm”, turns out to be a post-apocalyptic haven.

I’m spoiling the look here
Rosehip itching
The thorns cut my legs

Under the slogan “News from the Standing State” Deichkind is touring big in 2013. The debut will be on June 21, 2023 at Wiener Stadthalle. The new and eighth album, due out in the spring, will also be included in the baggage.

In the song’s music video, pop culture and social and political quotes rain down on, from “Planet of the Apes” and “Apocalypse Now” to the “dark” aesthetic and Putin’s massive marble table, allusions pile up. Speaking of rain: At some point, it starts off as a soundtrack and with all the new Deichkind radiance and status quo of world history, rain sounds very acidic.