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Helen Fisher and Thomas Settle: an email that brought the couple together

The Christmas holiday was a very special surprise for Helen Fisher and Thomas Settle. The two are said to have recently welcomed their daughter into the world. Happiness in love seems perfect. It all started with an email.

In an interview with Zeit Magazine, Thomas Settle once revealed how he and Helen found each other. It all started in 2017. Her creative director wanted to hire talented acrobats for Helen’s upcoming tour. The “Atherton Twins” were originally planned for this purpose – but unfortunately they had to cancel. “The twins couldn’t make the tour, so the show’s creative director asked them if they could recommend someone. They said my name, looked at my Instagram and was thrilled,” Seitel said. To his surprise, the creative director reportedly emailed him in the middle of the night. “I thought I was in the wrong movie. Then I pulled myself together and said to myself: Be careful, don’t get too early, it’s just a question, who knows if this will really work. The next day I wrote again”, a friend of Helen Fisher revealed in an interview.

Thomas Settle: “You Can’t Control Emotions”

Thomas Settle accepted the creative director’s offer and went on tour with Helen Fisher. The two weren’t planned to be together as a couple at one point: “Something happened to me and Helen that happened to millions of people in the world: We fell in love with each other. You cannot control feelings, at most suppress them, at least for a while, but then they roll over you more violently.”

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