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Prosecutor from January 7, 2022 at 8:15 pm - ORF-TVthek

Prosecutor from January 7, 2022 at 8:15 pm – ORF-TVthek

the father. 07.01.2022

The prosecutor

The prosecutor

killer jungle
(criminal film, DEU 2021)
Organized crime should not be tampered with. This was also felt by the team of senior prosecutor Bernd Reuther (Rainer Honnold) when the owner of an unclear software company was murdered. There are many indications that the victim messed with the wrong people. Incredibly exciting series especially in the length of a feature film.

The attack on his software company cost owner Jens Schubeck his life. His partner Dominic Winder, to the astonishment of Attorney General Bernd Rother, escapes relatively unscathed. During the interrogation, Winder advised the lawyer Paula Olafsson, who was in excellent contact with the Hamburg underworld. Shobak’s wife, Alexandra, also baffled the police. She seems terrified of something. In order to shine a light on the darkness, Commissioner Max Fisher begins to investigate the secret. But the task is fraught with danger.
With Rainer Honnold (Bernd Reuther), Fiona Kors (Kirsten Klar), Max Hummersdorfer (Max Fischer), Michael Pink (Hector Besch), Bettina Lambrecht (Paula Olafsson), Dirk Martins (Erik Reitman), Sithimbel Mink (Alexandra Schupek), Niclas Koehrt (Domen) Lena Schwartz (Tina Winder) and others
Directed by: Konstanz Knucci
Co-production ZDF / ORF
88 ‘
Year: 2021
(Wh. im Nachtprogramm, ORF2)

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