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Helen Fisher: Comedian insults successful star on TV

Helen Fisher: Comedian insults successful star on TV

Comedian Okan Cezi, 38, is no ordinary comedian. 38 years old, deaf. How does his performance work? The gags he tells in sign language are translated on stage by his partner Archie Clapp.

On his last appearance in ProSieben’Nonsense Comedy ClubSeese managed to earn herself a lot of laughs – with a joke about an artist Helen Fisher (38). “It’s good to be deaf – because of Helen Fisher,” said the comedian.

Comedian Topper shoots singer Helen Fisher

Social media users celebrate Seese not only for his search for the famous pop singer, but also for his courage in pursuing his dream of appearing on stage.

“Can we please continue to include? It’s a good start,” one Twitter user wrote, adding, “Huge deaf comedian. Works great.” Another tweeted: “As a deaf comedian, Okan Seese, as ‘Quatsch Comedy Club’, is an important sign of inclusion.”

And Helen Fisher? She definitely doesn’t take her cheeky “saying” seriously. After all, she’s celebrating huge success with her music. In 2022, her album “Rausch” took second place in the yearly charts.

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