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to: Jonas Arbas

“Der Bergdoktor” begins its sixteenth season. But ZDF Viewer listened carefully at first – and noticed a mistake by the scriptwriters.

Almu-at”Mountain DoctorIs for Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Siegel) picks up at the start of Season 16. But for the drama that keeps the Gruber family on suspense, there was a bug in the beginning of the series that most ZDF viewers may not have noticed at first.

Der Bergdoktor begins with Hans Sigl in the 16th season – a dramatic start to the series.

at the beginning of the newMountain Doctor– The season is dr. Martin Gruber does not give himself a break: after a short break, the title hero returns home to Tyrol, where family tensions and a lot of work await him. After several strokes, his patient, 65-year-old sheep farmer Alois Bachmeier, appears to be suffering from Binswanger encephalopathy. The result: dementia.

At the beginning of the season, an error crept into “Der Bergdoktor”. In the series, there’s surprising talk of a district court – a case that exists in Germany but not Austria, as one attentive ZDF viewer notes on Twitter © Screenshot / Twitter

A world falling apart for his granddaughter, Josephine. His daughter Karen reacts relatively cool. She separated from her violent father years ago. The farmer can no longer take care of himself due to his condition and needs a guardian. Karen asks mountain physician Martin Gruber and his colleague, Dr. So Alexander Kanweiler (Mark Keeler) presents their diagnosis to the county court – a scene in which the screenwriters may not have taken the background information seriously.

Criticisms of “Burgedoctor” – a specialized magazine for doctors criticizing the ZDF series:

“Der Bergdoktor” may be well received by viewers, but there are already criticisms of the series from a professional perspective. that German Medical Journal Distinguished protagonist, Dr. Martin Gruber as an uncooperative know-it-all whose daily life in the series has nothing to do with the actual medical profession. The ZDF series is riddled with clichés and conveys “the classic image of doctors from old Heimat films.”

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ZDF viewers noticed errors in the beginning of “Der Bergdoktor” – “Not located in Austria”

What German fans in particular shouldn’t have noticed so upset ZDF viewers that it took to Twitter: “When the Bergdoktor speaks of the district court, although there is no such thing in Austria”user explains. District courts will be responsible for a similar case in the Alpine Republic.

Other viewers, however, took the small misstep with the humor, especially since the Alpine Doctors series is here and there notable with inconsistencies that aren’t particularly drastic. One user commented, “Tyroleans don’t speak high German like all German actors who play Austrians.” However, in the upcoming episodes, The Laughter Must End: Season 16 Mark Keeler hinted at a fantastic love drama called “Der Bergdoktor”. Sources used: “Der Bergdoktor” (ZDF; season 16, episode 1),