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Helen Fisher's first big appearance after a baby break

Helen Fisher’s first big appearance after a baby break

Schlager star Helen Fischer’s big debut takes her to ex-boyfriend Florian Silberian’s show of everything.

Florian Silbereisen has had great success with his successful shows in Germany. When a busy actor and presenter gathers mood music stars on the television stage, it’s not just about singing. On Saturday evening, the live show “The Big Hit Comeback” will air again. The first guest of the evening: Helen Fisher. The hit singer (“Breathless through the night”) will make her first major TV appearance after the baby breakup on one of her ex-boyfriend’s shows.

The responsible Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk is also promising more of this “emotional and surprising comeback of the year,” a message from the broadcaster reveals. “ESC legend Nicole is back on the big TV stage. After years of TV hiatus, there’s a reunion with Nena.” The audience can also look forward to Maite Kelly, Vicky Leandros, Ross Antony, and other stars.

An unusual guest on a successful German show is American singer-songwriter Anastacia (“Il ritmo della passione)”. The specialist website concludes from this reversal: “It is clear that they want to have more international stars – the recipe for success that has already worked with the Giovanni Zarrella show.”

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