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Henrik Kristoffersen has won both Garmisch races in slalom

Henrik Kristoffersen has won both Garmisch races in slalom

The Norwegian prevailed 0.35 seconds ahead of Britain’s Dave Riding and 0.47 ahead of Germany’s Linus Strasser. Both Johannes Strolls and Ramon Zenhausler (Switzerland) failed in the previous first half to decide as did first-half leader Loic Millard (Switzerland). Marco Schwartz finished fifth (+0.51).

The highly twisted course set by Riding coach Tristan Glass Davies, also enabled the Briton to jump from 19th to the podium. But Norway’s Lukas Brathin (24 in 4) and Carinthian Marco Schwartz (26 in 5) coped well with the icy slope conditions at Gudiberg, which has hosted World Cup races for the first time since 2010.

“Two wins, that’s really cool,” Kristofferson explained. “It’s a shame on Loek and Johannes, that’s a race. The second race wasn’t for the boys, it was for the guys.” And he had already expressed himself accordingly during the inspection. “Running is good for him,” Strolls said to me. “It’s a real men’s slalom. Technically, he’s an incredibly strong skater and lightning fast on such rough ice. He’s a deserved winner today.” “I’m starting the momentum early, it bothers me, but it’s part of it,” he commented to the fortune-teller.

The best round of the season makes Black progress

Schwartz lost his wand shortly before the end, it must have cost a few hundred, but he was happy with what was probably the best series of the entire season, he said. It was also the fastest. “In the first round I was still very desperate. In the second round I stood on top at first and thought to myself, I have nothing to lose, I will try to relax. I am so glad I got a good run.”

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Schwarz didn’t really go this winter after injuring his ankle, and the Olympics were also disappointing for him. He was able to put up with the fact that he missed the podium at Garmisch by 4/100sec. “It’s a shame about the error, but the joy trumps it. That was a very long dry period, and I found it very difficult.”

Manuel Feller slipped from sixth to fifteenth after making a mistake. “It wasn’t easy for anyone. And it wasn’t too bad for me until I got on the skates. It was a little dumb, but this is skateboarding,” said the Tyrolean, who had a crystal ball in the distance who saw a shift. “The stupid mistake hurts us because we dropped so many points.”

Kristofferson took charge of the World Cup

“Yesterday I felt a little lighter. I really wanted to take the momentum with me, but I didn’t quite succeed,” said Michael Matt, who finished ninth. Mark DeGruber wrote at number thirteen. Simone Roiland missed the final at 42nd, and Fabio Guchtrein (first round) and Dominic Rachner (second round) withdrew – as did Olympic champion Clement Noel (France) and world champion Sebastien Voss Solivag (North). Spaniard Joachim Salarich, who finished eighth and seventh in Garmisch last weekend, appeared again.

In the Discipline World Cup, Christopher now has 356 points, 49 points behind his compatriot Brathen (307), followed by Strasser (278), Riding (262) and Feller (261). The slalom races in Flachau and the final in Couchevel-Meribel are still great. “It’s definitely great to drive with the red number, but I’m just thinking about resting and sleeping at home now,” Kristofferson said after his 26th World Cup win, number 21 in the slalom.

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