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The second men’s slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen is now live on tape

The second men’s slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen is now live on tape

At the Men’s Alpine Ski World Cup, the second slalom race at Garmisch-Partenkirchen is shown on the program today. You can follow the entire race here in the live bar.

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Alpine skiing: the second men’s slalom in Garmisch – Partenkirchen now in the live stream – a quick look at the top five

Rank family name time
1. Loic Millard 0: 53.76
2. Ramon Zenhauser +0.51
3. Johannes Strolls +0.51
4. Alexis Pintoralt +0.69
5.. Manuel Villiers +0.80

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Alpine skiing: the second men’s slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen now in the live stream

Timon Hogan (North)

Timon Haugan does well! After a very good final turn, he came in ninth, 1.15secs behind!

Fabio Gestrin (Australia)

Fabio Guchterin is the next ÖSV driver to take to the track, but is eliminated early in his career!

Alexander Khoroshilov (Russia)

Russia’s Alexander Khoroshilov is the 23rd starting runner. With a deficit of 0.85 after the first time measurement, he had a real mortgage early on. After that, Alexander Khoroshilov did a little better, trailing 1.62 seconds and taking the 14th place.

Follow me McGrath (and no)

How does Attlee Lee McGrath do what he’s doing? Pretty good, but judging by the look on his face, he seems to have counted a little over rank 14.

Albert Popov (BUL)

Albert Popov did not reach the end either, he pulled out in the middle section.

Luca Erni (Switzerland)

After a few laps, Luca Aerni falls into the reserve, clearly leaves the perfect streak and is eliminated too!

Christopher Jacobsen (Switzerland)

This is bitter for the Swede! Shortly before the end, Christopher Jacobsen ran, until the race was over for him.

Michael Matt (Australia)

After the first split, Michael Matt has to run a deficit of about half a second. However, the Austrian doesn’t let the perfect start on the track make him fall and, having finished 10th, has a deficit of 1.23secs in first.

Tommaso Sala (ITA)

Tommaso Sala does his job a little better, but still looks quite dissatisfied in the end. He ranked 14th after his run.

Philip Zubicek (CRO)

Filip Zubcic fights his way through the Forest of Columns, and there isn’t much to easily see in his path. 2.25 seconds behind means 15th place.

Giuliano Razzoli (ITA)

Razzoli, a Vinitzer native, is two places ahead, after the last split he could still cut the difference by a hundred.

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Alex Vinitzer (ITA)

The Italian is 0.64secs behind on top, after that he is more reluctant to take risks and looks like he wants to run safe. 1.34 seconds behind him puts him in tenth place.

Alexis Bentorault (France)

The French player presents a very attractive campaign, only 0.69 seconds ahead of the leader Loic Millard. This currently puts him in fourth place.

David Riding (Great Britain)

David Ryding will likely struggle a bit with his ride, too. The Briton continued to lose ground until the last measurement, so in the end he only took ninth place.

Lucas Brathen (and no)

Now the zigzag World Cup ranking leader is giving his business card. The Norwegian allows himself a sliding lane at the top, leading directly to a deficit of 0.64 seconds after the first time measurement. The finish line is 1.65 seconds behind, which means only ninth place for Lukas Brathin.

Alpine skiing: Men’s second slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen now in the live stream – top ten below

Ramon Zenhauser (Switzerland)

The Swiss get along well with the set track and drive very cleanly through the rails. A really good performance is rewarded with second place, finishing at the same time with Johannes Strolls!

Johannes Strolls (Australia)

Strolz also struggles at the top of the road, but then manages to get the speed back up again. So he scores a good run from the midsection and is in second place by 0.51secs!

Marco Schwartz (Australia)

Marco Schwartz finished his run, but his 1.69sec delay would put him behind the board’s top runners.

Clement Noel (France)

For Clement Noel, the race is effectively over after several laps, and the Frenchman is eliminated as happened yesterday! This is too bitter for the Olympic champion in slalom!

Sebastian Vos Solvage (NOR)

For the Norwegian, the first round appears to be almost complete after only a few laps, after losing a lot of time after slipping. After that it does its job well and can limit the gap to eight tenths!

Daniel Jol (Switzerland)

Yesterday’s strong fifth-placed Daniel Jol didn’t get a good first run either. 1.14 seconds behind him probably won’t satisfy him.

Alpine skiing: second men’s slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen now in live tape – Strasser finished fourth

Linus Strasser (Germany)

Now the first DSV runner, Linus Straßer, is required early. Straßer struggles at the top by 0.47 seconds to speak for himself. After that, the German suffers a little, but he is far from the performance of the drivers in front of him. A 1.27-second mortgage that put him in fourth place.

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Loïc Meillard (SUI)

How is Loic Meillard today? The Swiss finds his way up the slope in excellent shape and is about half a second ahead of Feller! He doesn’t lose his rhythm afterwards, quite the opposite! After the run, he is eight-tenths ahead of Feller. That was a real exclamation point from Loic Meillard!

Henrik Kristofferson (North)

Yesterday’s winner is the second principle. The Norwegian is doing well, after all, eight hundred are behind the Austrian.

Alpine skiing: the second men’s slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen now in the live stream – start

Manuel Feller (Australia)

Let’s go, Manuel Villiers opened the second slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. On shady and icy slopes, he skis through thickets of poles with a thin blade, but doesn’t seem entirely satisfied with his performance at the finish line. With 54.56 seconds, the ÖSV athlete set the first target time in the first round.

Alpine skiing: the second men’s slalom in Garmisch-Partenkirchen now live on tape – before the start

Before start: Three Swiss among the first ten beginners! Yesterday’s runner-up Wick Millard handed his business card as the third sprinter in the first race. Daniel Jol finished fifth on Saturday and will start fifth today. Ramon Zenhausler is also early in his turn with starting number 10, Luca Erni follows shortly thereafter as driver 20. Tanguy Neve, who was in the lead after round one yesterday and then retired in round two, wears starting number 26. Marc Rochat (start 28) Sandro Simonet (32) and Rito Schmidger (36) are the runners up from the Swiss. Ski teams. Vadri Janutin (56) is the last driver in the nine-man Swiss squad.

Before start: Strasser demanded early! The first DSV runner is Linus Straßer with start number four. Yesterday the 29-year-old finished well in sixth place. Other German drivers only have their turn later. Anton Trimmel wears starting number 43, Alexander Schmid (46), Fabian Himmelsbach (47), David Ketterer (48) follows shortly afterwards. Julian Rauchfuss (55) and Adrian Meissen (66) complete the German national team.

Before start: Eight ÖSV contestants on the starting list! Manuel Feller starts the first race with the number one start. Marco Schwartz, who finished yesterday in 16th, and the already mentioned Johannes Strolls leave early with eighth and ninth starting numbers respectively. Michael Matt (18th principle) and Fabio Gestrin (24th) are the next Austrians in line. Mark DeGruber (38) and Dominic Rachner (39) fall down the slope in quick succession, and Simone Rowland finished with starting number 61 from an ÖSV view.

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Before start: Contenders for today’s win: Henrik Kristoffersen was fastest in the slalom race yesterday, winning his first slalom this winter. Of course, the Norwegian is also one of the favorites to win today. And that includes quite a few riders, as seven winding World Cups this season have produced seven different winners. Yesterday’s second and third place winners, Loic Millard and Manuel Feller, as well as Clement Noel (Olympic slalom champion) and Johannes Strolls (Olympic champion in the supergroup) are certainly potential candidates for a higher ranking. This also applies to Lucas Brathen, the leader of the slalom World Cup rankings.

Before start: After the Olympics in Beijing, the Alpine Ski World Cup is back in action. Yesterday the first slalom this weekend was held at Gudiberg in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In the end, the Norwegian Henrik Kristofferson managed to win this competition. Linus Straßer was the best DSV athlete. How are Strasser and the other DSV players today and can Kristofferson repeat his victory?

Before start: Round one on Gudiberg starts today at 9:10 AM. A little later, at 12:30 p.m., the final will follow in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the live tape of the second men’s slalom race at Garmisch-Partenkirchen.