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Henry Cavill wants RDR 2

Henry Cavill wants RDR 2

Video game mods don’t have the best reputation. who is without love Cans, Boring Doctrine killer up to the groove Resident Evil Reihe. For decades, one failed adaptation has lined up one another, and so far there doesn’t seem to be any improvement in sight. Even if it’s coming Uncharted movie adaptation with Tom Holland He found charismatic Nathan Drake. if after Henry Cavill Go, can anyoneRed Dead Redemption 2“The movie version should be worth trying.

Because the former Superman He himself is a passionate player. Especially Computer games are his great passion. He even recently put his computer together in a series of videos. In addition to Witcher games adapted for Netflix He can slip into the role of Gerald himself, but he loves other big perks like mass effect.

During a press tour in Madrid was Henry Cavill He was now asked on the red carpet which game series he thinks would make a good movie. His answer was the western sequel to rock games From 2018:

“Okay, that’s hard [die Frage]Because you associate a brand and a company with it, which in turn is difficult, and I definitely don’t want to move any corners with it. But there are a lot of games… It just started Red Dead Redemption 2 Playing – I know I’m a bit late – but I got started with it and I’m really enjoying it. So something like that would definitely be funny if you turned it into a movie.”

In the past, video game movies did not have a good reputation, but they appeared like mysterious It shows that there is certainly a great potential for implementations. also rock stars A rough version of a group of outlaws, at the end of the gunslinger era, it will provide the perfect material for deep drama.

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op Red Dead Redemption 2 However, that it will actually be made into a movie is questionable. rock games Sensitive to breaking new ground with their brands and telling the best possible stories. Even if it is a development GTA 6 seems to be relatively chaotic at the moment runs. But maybe it can Henry Cavill convince you?