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Hepatitis in children: now also a case in Germany

Recurrent hepatitis (hepatitis) with no apparent cause in children has recently attracted attention in Europe and the United States – and now one of the cases is also known in Germany.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced last night that it meets the definition of a World Health Organization (WHO) case, and the onset of the disease was in January. According to the Ministry of Health, no other cases have been added to the two previously known cases in Austria.

The German RKI writes in a publication that there are no other indications for cases or groups in Germany from specialist associations and children’s hospitals. Physicians are being asked to be extra vigilant and to report suspected cases.

Both cases in Austria are ‘clinically stable’

In Austria, two children with hepatitis of unclear origin are being treated at St. Anna Children’s Hospital in Vienna. The Ministry of Health said that “a number of coordination meetings are currently taking place at the international and national levels on a unified approach and investigation of cases.”

The Children’s Hospital said the two children were “treated for typical hepatitis symptoms”. These include elevated hepatic values, vomiting, and signs of jaundice. “The two affected children are being optimally cared for by our team. They are clinically stable. We continue to be very vigilant with symptoms of this nature and are in close contact with other hospitals and the Ministry of Health,” says Wolfgang Holter, Medical Director of the Children’s Hospital.