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He’s targeting Earth!

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Unidentified objects in the Earth’s solar system always cause excitement. Scientific representatives also seem to believe that this orb was sent by alien hands.

The object flying on the celestial body around which everything revolves is called ‘Oumuamua’. This means “Scouting in Hawaii”. And for some researchers, this is exactly the name that hit the bull’s-eye. They believe this strange being was directed at Earth.

‘Oumuamua’ divides minds

An orb appeared in our solar system a few years ago. At that time there were those who were sure that he was guilty. Then there is the other who believes that this object is a strange technology.

Harvard professor Avi Loeb is one of those actors who are sure it must be space style. The former astrophysics professor now says it’s a probe. This is said to have been created by extraterrestrials and an alliance with Earth.

Will you be spying on the ground?

According to the scientist, the object should be fully functional. The probe is said to have been intentionally aligned so that it is close to Earth. He bases this thesis on the fact that the assumed course of investigation allows conclusions to be drawn.

Accordingly, it came out of the solar system, had a short flight and then was already on its way to the vastness of space. But now ‘Oumuamua’ appears to be here to stay. At first, researchers assumed the object was a culprit.

Is ‘Oumuamua’ a space satellite?

For Avi Loeb, ‘Oumuamua’ is clearly not guilty. The problem, he said, is that Oumuamua did not have a comet’s tail. Normally, as comets approach the Sun, their ice envelope evaporates and a tail forms. But in the case of Oumuamua, telescopes were unable to detect any of it.”

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An object is moving away from the sun with a decreasing force. So there must be an additional source of energy to drive it. “Overall, ‘Oumuamua was something we hadn’t seen before,” Loeb says. However, the curious thesis is not entirely undisputed. Because researchers still lack strong definitive evidence.