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Weilheim: Infection rate down - regional lockdowns end Tuesday |  regional

Weilheim: Infection rate down – regional lockdowns end Tuesday | regional

Wilheim / Freyung-Gravenau – Good news: Due to the low number of infections, the latest regional coronavirus lockdowns in Weilheim and Freyung-Grafenau will end on Tuesday.

The district offices of the two regions announced this on Monday in their respective Official Gazettes. In Freiung-Gravenau in Lower Bavaria, the seven-day infection rate on Monday was still 746.6, and in the Bavarian Upper Wilheim region it was 702.2.

Great convenience for the people who live there. Restaurants and bars can reopen, and amateur sports and gatherings are again allowed.

Then the same restrictions apply in both provinces as in the rest of Bavaria.

Warnings: The situation in Bavarian hospitals remains critical, according to the Divi intensive care register, there were still 1,003 seriously ill Covid patients in intensive care units on Monday, more than the peak of the second wave at the end of last year.

A regional shutdown is requested when the seven-day occurrence in a county exceeds the 1000 threshold. If the infection is less than 1,000 for five consecutive days, these restrictions are lifted. The legal basis is the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance issued by the state government.

The number of new infections in Bavaria has been declining for about two weeks, the Robert Koch Institute reported, today, Monday, with 3805 new cases. The nationwide infection rate has fallen below the 400 mark at 399.1. However, the fact that local health authorities are overburdened and there are late reports to the state’s Office of Health and Food (LGL) also plays a role.

According to medical experts, the prospects for the further course of the epidemic in Bavaria are uncertain given the expected spread of the omicron virus variant.

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