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High density of celebrities on departure in Kitzbühel

High density of celebrities on departure in Kitzbühel

This time, unlike in 2020, when Kitz was last in full gear, “Arnie” did not step early from “Rasmushof” near the end zone in the direction of the runway, but was about five minutes behind. He appeared near the media area in a flurry of bright lights, before taking his vacant place of honor accompanied by girlfriend Heather Milligan, daughter Christina, and model Barbara Meyer and husband Clemence Holman. As a garment, the former governor of California chose the famous traditional Ludden jacket including a hat.

Many politicians were already sitting in the stand, for example: Minister of Agriculture Norbert Tuchnig, Minister of Defense Claudia Tanner, or, as on Friday, Governor of Tyrol Anton Mattel and Minister of Security Astrid Meyer (all from the ÖVP). The mood in this world of celebrities and politicians first set in when Friday’s first descent winner, Vincent Kretschmeyer, smashed the Streif. Standing up and wearing only leather pants, Gabalier was excited, too.

DJ Ötzi, Austrian businessman and investor Florian Gschwandtner, and real estate tycoon René Benko sat outside this area. The former showed himself very knowledgeable about his own songs, playing his version of “Sweet Caroline” in the end zone with plenty of vocals, physical effort and generally in the best party mood. A few meters away, Show me remained somewhat sluggish for the time being. However, this changed with the victory of Alexander Amudet-Kelde at the latest. Then the “ruler” could no longer be restrained. As the Norwegian finished his victory run, Steirerman Oak put on her famous, broader Steirerman smile and toast with a cup towards the end zone, cameras, and the Norwegian.

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