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Hits from Old Vienna – gentle and swinging in a brook

Hits from Old Vienna – gentle and swinging in a brook

Entitled “Schnucki, ach Schnucki – operetta and more”, soprano choristers Elisabeth Jarman and baritone Michael Wieland invite you to a scenic evening of music at the Stadttheater on Friday 31 March at 6pm. The title of the program is a hit song by the Viennese pianist Hermann Leopoldi.

Leopoldi, who became one of Vienna’s most popular songwriters and performers at the beginning of the last century, was imprisoned in Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps after failed attempts to escape the Nazi regime – with operetta writer and actor Fritz Grunewald, among others. His family, who had already immigrated to the United States, managed to purchase Leopoldi’s freedom. With his partner Healy Muslin, he also conquered the public in the New World, for example by converting a “little café in Hernals” into a “little café down the street”.

In the first part of the evening, Jahrmann and Weiland Leopoldi present evergreens such as “Schön ist like Ringelspiel”, “Powidltatschkerln” or “Schnucki, ach Schnucki” in a playful and richly costumed way.

Those who prefer nostalgia on their minds will get their money’s worth in the second part of the evening. With “Your Heart Is All My Heart” or “Vienna, Vienna Only You” there is a refreshment for the operetta lover’s heart – including swing and buzz. Tickets are available in advance for €25 on 0660/5033582. Box office: 28 euros.