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Orges Band and The Ockus-Rockus Band feat.  Benny Omarzel

Orges Band and The Ockus-Rockus Band feat. Benny Omarzel

Orges Band and The Ockus-Rockus Band feat. Benny Omarzel

Composer Orges Toçe sings about freedom with the Ockus-Rockus Band on “Balkanbilly” ballads in the main broadcasting hall.

With their third album “Peshk” (“Fish” in German), Albanian-born guitarist and vocalist Orges Toçe and the band Ockus-Rockus, composed of Christian Marquez-Eberle on drums and Bernd Satzinger on bass, developed their own unique style of Balkan – beats, rock and roll , gypsy swing, blues and jazz, which they call “Balkanbili”. Busy keyboard man (5K HD, Kompost3, Jazzorchester Vorarlberg) Benny Omerzel will be supporting the band Ockus Rockus around frontman Orges Toçe that evening
Orges Toçe has the distinction of being one of Austria’s most talented singer-songwriters and guitarists over the past decade. As a man who learned to play classical violin in childhood and then studied jazz guitar in Vienna, he can draw on the full musical spectrum when he combines the traditions of Balkan music and rock and roll into powerful, sparkling songs. The fact that Toçe reads his angry accusations against politics and hypocrisy, his poems of cultural diversity, freedom and independence, and his poetic summaries of life experiences in his native Albania does not detract from the enjoyment. on the contrary! First of all, keywords in German, Spanish or English appear as bookmarks from time to time. Second, speech and music sound so elegantly combined as in Orges Toçe, when he sings in a very raspy voice and allows his hard-playing, smooth jazz guitar to oscillate between manouche swing, rockabilly, surf rock, and punk. As an added special feature, the numerous three-part chorus segments, also performed live by Orges and The Ockus-Rockus Band, must be mentioned.