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Homophobia allegations: US festival cancels rapper Dababi's appearance

Homophobia allegations: US festival cancels rapper Dababi’s appearance

After criticism for his statements about homosexuality and AIDS, American rapper Dabbabi’s performance at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago has been cancelled. Organizers announced on Twitter that the festival is based on values ​​such as diversity, inclusion, respect and love. So, according to the information, artists Young Thug and G Herbo appeared instead of the rapper at a music event in the US state of Illinois.

Dababi, 29, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndell Kirk, had previously sparked outrage at a Miami Gardens concert with comments on gays and HIV/AIDS, according to media reports. According to the American newspaper, “Washington Post”, the rapper asked his viewers to hold their cell phone flashlights in the air if they were not gay or had HIV/AIDS. The report also stated that the 29-year-old had spread false information that people with the disease would die within a few weeks.

sharp criticism

Dababi received sharp criticism for his remarks. Elton John, a musician known for his work against HIV and AIDS, wrote on Twitter that homophobia and misinformation about HIV fuels stigma and discrimination. “This is the opposite of what our world needs to combat the AIDS epidemic.” DaBaby has apologized to his fans on Twitter. He wrote that his statements were “insensitive”, and he did not intend to offend anyone.

DaBaby became known in the USA in 2019 with his album “Baby on Baby”, and his follow-up albums “Kirk” and “Blame It on Baby” reached number one in the charts. The musician from Charlotte (North Carolina) has been nominated several times for the Grammy Music Award.

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