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Honda Cars Caught in 2002

Honda Cars Caught in 2002

Showing history on some Hondas can’t be convinced that we’re in 2002.

Some brand car drivers Honda They ended up being forced into the past – at least when it came to displaying the history in their cars. as Engadget she mentioned Forums full of reports, and then Clocks and calendars Definitely not in cars 2022 But 2002 turns out.

The problem appears to be pervasive. It’s related Honda and Acura models with GPS Navigation Systemsthat between 2004 And 2012 been manufactured. Those affected are already out of United States of AmericaAnd Canada And Great Britain mentioned. also from Germany There are already interview reports.

There is no solution currently. Each time the driver sets the clock correctly, it is reset when the vehicle is started. A Honda spokesperson said JalopnikBeing aware of the reports and working towards a solution. a leg Investigate the problem currently.

possible explanation

A possible explanation for this phenomenon may be GPSD Rollover bug be the I mentioned Futurezone). The background to it is how the GPS signal calculates the date. on 10 bit long code Weeks are counted since January 5, 1980. The maximum number of weeks that can be counted has been reached at 1023. So every 19.7 years there is a “solstice”, the counting starts again from zero. If the system cannot handle this, difficulties can arise, as is now evident with Hondas.

However, it is not certain whether this error is what triggers the behaviour. Recently, Microsoft also experienced mail failures due to the “2022” error. to fight. Backend is how history is stored in a file int32 . variables.

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Solution: wait

sleeping computer Reports that Honda’s support team is advising customers to wait and see. The issue is supposed to be resolved automatically in August, but there is an attempt to provide an earlier solution.