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Tesla should last a long time with the 'Gemini battery'

Tesla should last a long time with the ‘Gemini battery’

An important factor when buying a car is the range it can cover with a similar fuel tank. In this area, electric cars are still clearly lagging behind combustion engines, which means that customers prefer to use tried and tested engines. Perhaps a startup from Michigan, USA, has now provided a way out of this dilemma. The battery technology company bears the name “Our Next Energy” (one) Thanks to the “Gemini battery” it wants to create a power supply for electric cars that guarantees a range of more than 1,000 km – on just one charge.

To demonstrate the new technology, the startup is said to have conducted a test drive across Michigan in mid-December. The Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, which usually has a 103.9 kWh battery, was used as a guinea pig. ONE’s experimental Gemini battery comes with a capacity of about twice that of 207.3 kWh, and is said to have taken up the same space as the standard battery when the Tesla was converted. This means that the Gemini battery should have a much higher energy density, while the kilowatt-hour consumption remains about the same. Mujib Ijaz, CEO and founder of the startup, explains that the prototype uses a variety of cells, including high-energy cobalt and nickel cells.

Over 1,200 km with an average range of 88 km/h

A test drive in Michigan is said to have shown that a converted Tesla Model S with a Gemini prototype has covered more than 1,200 kilometers at an average speed of 88 km/h on just a single battery charge. This is validated by third parties using a vehicle dynamometer. At a constant speed of 88 km / h, you should have exceeded 1,400 km on a single charge.

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ONE casually stated that even the long-range electric vehicles currently on sale lack the surplus power needed for certain factors. These include driving at high speed, extreme weather conditions, mountainous terrain, or towing trailers. According to ONE, these factors should reduce the range to handle by 35 percent.

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The ONE Gemini battery aims to eliminate the range factor as a barrier in electric vehicles by doubling the available onboard power in the same area.Battery cells are currently still under development. Therefore, the company aims to start producing the Gemini battery after 2023.

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