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Honda Civic e: HEV: The Next Stage in Hybrid Evolution

Honda Civic e: HEV: The Next Stage in Hybrid Evolution

However, the new Civic is not one howl with wolves. It just doesn’t carry its distinct advantage over the competition as clearly as previous generations. The only visible indication of its special status is blurred letters Recognize the rear. There’s the abbreviation e:HEV, which is technically tricky as it makes the naming a bit clumsy.

Full Hybrid with 3 Engines

In short: The new Civic is a fully hybrid car, consisting of a 2-liter petrol engine and two electric motors, one of which acts solely as a generator. Unlike Nissan, for example, where the gasoline engine is used only to charge the battery and the motor on the axle is left exclusively for the electric motor, Honda takes a less hard-line approach. Although the gasoline engine is also primarily used to generate electricity, Honda also leaves it in direct drive where that makes sense from the driving experience. he is. So, for example, on the highway or when an electric vehicle needs support so that it can quickly meet the increased performance requirements from the cockpit.

How easy it is to use this cutting-edge technology in its current, practically improved version of the Civic e: HEV is simply impressive.

Despite the ECVT continuously variable transmission used and the 143-horsepower petrol engine, which in many driving situations only generates electricity, the driver never even hears about it. Feeling like you’re dealing with a slippery clutch. Linear acceleration from a standing start, but also after sections of slow driving, for example when overtaking, is no longer a problem. Sooner or later, the Civic ensures that you no longer have to think about the range of engines used for propulsion while driving. Cares about. It can also be pushed quickly and vigorously, and aggressively, with careful guidance and good feedback giving on his part.. And not only in sports mode, but also in normal.

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Long distance purely electrically

If the “Eco” is selected with the drive mode switch, then the recognition of the throttle is, of course, less severe, but you still do not feel weak. And with similarly sensitive handling of the throttle, a small ‘EV’ appears on the display (as an indication that you are now driving purely electric). becomes) much in front of the steering wheel and longer than you first thought.

The bottom line is that the real consumption with a mixed driving profile ranging from city traffic to country road stages and long distances on the highway is 5.2 l / 100 km. It is also a tender of just 0.2 liters above the standard consumption specified for the paid higher version with Accent equipment.

Anyone who can do without additional equipment such as the glass sunroof or the Bose audio system, which is standard with the Accent, gains another advantage in fuel economy. Standard consumption of the Civic e: HEV With the basic equipment by no means meager, the Elegance is only 4.7 liters. In this case, you will also save yourself the edge of the luggage compartment generated by the audio system and get 410 liters instead of 404 liters of loading volume.

Weak points

What are the weaknesses of the new Civic?

First of all, the warning against leaving the nervous path, in which the limits of tolerance, with respect to approaching the edge of the road or the central guideline, are completely at odds with the usual presentation of local country roads. A well-intentioned attempt to support the driver in maintaining the ideal lateral distance is largely counterproductive. It’s not the calm at the wheel that increases, but the nervous stress caused by the whistling hack.

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Also, the fact that the central air vents in the cockpit are not as fully understood, as those on the outside, They can be opened or closed individually using a mechanical adjusting wheel. If you don’t want to inflate your body all the time, you should do so via the universal air distribution switch on top of the center console. Then what inevitably applies to the driver and front passenger alike.

In general, Honda managed to achieve a positive surprise with the new Civic. And not only thanks to the now very attractive appearance, but above all thanks to the special hybrid solution for the drive. And the more advanced second generation is now admirably mastering the driving features common in Europe.