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Netflix wants more money if you watch two different places

Netflix wants more money if you watch two different places

The streaming provider wants to prevent the password from being shared so it is testing a new subscription option.

long care Netflix Its users have hardly shared their access to the streaming platform with others. For several years, however, the provider has been conflicting with the so-called Password sharing Before.

As a company now in a send Announced that there is now one in select countries ‘Add a house’ option. This means that users from Argentina, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras pay an additional fee upon registration. different places Use Netflix.

Extra cost for extra families

Other household costs, according to the Netflix website, US $2.99 (about €2.90) per month. With just a few clicks, existing customers should be able to stream legally in several places. The number of titles that can be added depends on the subscription: with Standard Form 2 can, with Excellent model 3 more homes to be purchased.

According to Netflix, families are identified by “IP addresses, device identifiers, and account movements”. It can be streamed indoors on multiple devices. Anyone with a tablet or laptop Travelyou can continue to use Netflix, but only to a limited extent: use outside the specified residence up to 2 weeks Possible at no extra charge – but only once a year and the account must not have been used in that particular location before.

dissatisfaction among customers

Cheng Yilong“It’s great that our members love Netflix movies and TV shows so much that they want to share them with others,” writes streaming between families undermining our long-term ability to invest in and improve our services.

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Many customers in Latin America did not understand the limitations of sharing the initial password. so it was to report From rest of the world According to Netflix, many users are confused by Netflix’s definition of family. Also the ads that Netflix will show on its site later this year wants to appear, cause resentment. Netflix Lost Lots of customers in the past few months. It remains to be seen if this negative trend will continue due to the streaming provider’s recent decisions.