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Hong Kong: Nicole Kidman released from quarantine

Hong Kong: Nicole Kidman released from quarantine

Movie star Nicole Kidman has been allowed to bypass quarantine rules in Hong Kong to participate in a photo shoot. This does not go well with the people of Hong Kong.

Australian actress Nicole Kidman filmed the lives of immigrants in the Chinese financial capital for the Amazon series “Expats”. The city administration has allowed her to bypass strict quarantine regulations.

Pictures in local popular media showing Kidman shopping and filming in the Sai Wan neighborhood have received outrageous comments on social media. Angry comments also piled up on a popular Facebook group of people under quarantine in Hong Kong. It added that many residents and foreigners have been unable to visit their relatives abroad for nearly two years due to strict regulations.

21 days quarantine for travelers

Kidman’s exemption came just days after Hong Kong tightened quarantine regulations for travelers from multiple countries, upsetting many people’s travel plans.

Travelers from high-risk areas are required to stay in hotel quarantine for 21 days in Hong Kong, and isolate for seven days for people from countries with low risk of infection.

Exemptions from Hong Kong’s quarantine rule are rarely granted to senior executives. Kidman, one of the “Expats” producers, and other staff members must undergo three coronavirus tests within two weeks of their arrival. The Bureau of Trade and Economic Development said the exemption would apply to other filmmakers as well.

Hong Kong politician ‘concerned’

Comments in the online media about Kidman being exempted from quarantine and the decision to direct a series on the city’s wealthy foreign elite while China pressures democracy activists there.

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Hong Kong politician Elizabeth Coates said she was “concerned” about Kidman’s exemption and had “received a number of complaints from Hong Kong residents” about it.