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Hoover wants to launch its own online store »Leadercent

Hoover wants to launch its own online store »Leadercent

Grocery store Hoover wants to launch its own online store this year. Hoover President Horst Leitner said this in an interview with small newspaper announced. “We have always taken note of online retail and food delivery closely and have taken the approach that we will deliver the right Hofer solution when we think the time is right,” explains Leitner. monetary backgrounds. “Last year, for the first time, we experienced a significant drop in sales due to the lack of an online store. So we had to act and make a decision.”

In addition to the new online store, money should also flow to local branches. These will be updated in the amount of 160 million euros. The fresh food area should be expanded, there should be more cooling areas and the product areas should be arranged more logically. Hoover’s Italian branches serve as a model. The new concept will be implemented in all stores over the next 2-3 years. At a branch in Wales, Hofer is also testing a “deposit deposit” where customers can return deposit bottles.

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