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Horváth expands US business and hires new partner

Tony Klimas, New President Harvard America (Image: Horvath)

Horváth, an international management consulting firm headquartered in Stuttgart, plans to expand its US operations. This is in response to the growing demand for North American companies for consulting services in the areas of performance management and financial transformation.

Harvard has been represented in the United States since 2019 with an office in Atlanta. In addition to making Atlanta an important business location, the company’s presence on the East Coast, especially in the greater New York area, is set to expand. The management consulting firm has a total of more than 1,000 employees in eight European countries, Arab countries and the United States.

As a new partner and president, financial expert Tony Klims has been supporting the expansion of the US branch since May. Tony Climas has 25 years of consulting experience in the financial sector and has recently become a partner in the world’s fourth largest consulting firm.

Born in Ohio, the American began his career after studying mathematics in the US Navy. Prior to joining a major consulting firm in 1997 as a senior manager, he earned an MBA in finance and a manager in finance at an automotive company. During his consulting career, Climas developed innovative financial solutions and most recently became a partner for high quality customer orders in the United States.

“The need for financial planning and analysis, risk management, cost and profit accounting or financial system – appropriate models and effective implementation support to meet difficult, dynamic financial needs is enormous.”

Tony Climas said during the inauguration.