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Hot Mind: Anger helps you win

Hot Mind: Anger helps you win

WSomeone who is constantly annoyed by politicians, raises his voice in business meetings, and bangs the steering wheel while driving is considered primitive and unreliable. The president is believed to maintain a calm mind. But keeping your cool is overrated As a recent study showed.

Because anger can help you achieve your goals, at least in politics and when solving puzzles. This is suggested not only by Donald Trump’s presidency, but also by the experiments of psychologists and neuroscientists at Texas A&M University.

Depending on the experiment, about 200 to 300 students were initially bothered by “visual stimuli,” such as insults directed at the university’s football team. They were then asked to solve an anagram puzzle, for example. Compared to students who had previously been shown sad, neutral, or funny pictures, the angry students completed significantly more puzzles in the allotted time.

In a computer skateboarding game, they raced over a digital jump with greater skill than their fellow players. Any angry person does not necessarily act like a monster like the Hulk. In another experiment, angry participants cheated more often, which is good for winning.

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