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Hotfix removes subtle stuttering after update 4.1

Hotfix removes subtle stuttering after update 4.1

from Alexander Nye
On May 19, Dice released Battlefield 2042 FPS 4.1 update. In addition to bug fixes and quality of life improvements, this also caused a small stutter in multiplayer battles. As a result, it looks like the developers have passed the next night and have now released a new fix for the PC version.

In fact, the 4.1 update for Battlefield 2042 is supposed to make life easier for gamers. For example, the “total power” of the SG-36 guard system was reduced and the recoil of the stockpile of weapons was revised. But there were not only amenities in the package, there were also micro-irritating signs, which obviously gave the Dice developer a sleepless night. The result is a The hotfix was recently released, Which corrects everything again, at least on PC. It should gradually arrive on Steam, Origin, the EA app, and the Epic Games Store.

Hotfix 4.1 fixes these issues

While Xbox fans are still waiting for the issue to be resolved, Dice explained the PC hotfix on the official Battlefield 2042 forum. Accordingly, the following changes were made:

  • Fixed an issue causing small stutter on PC
  • A temporary change has been made to Breakthrough to remove 128-player Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Playstation 5 map layouts used in the new 64-player Breakthrough playlist.
  • This is to fix an unexpected issue that was causing incorrect values ​​for tickets and vehicle counts to be displayed on all maps. We’ll be back temporarily to static rotation of smaller layouts in Breakthrough until our team can fix this issue.
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More on this topic: Update 4.1 is here, Breakthrough 128 will be canceled

Meanwhile, Battlefield 2042 . has To deal with a bigger problem related to the number of players. They are said to have averaged 1,355 players over the past 30 days, and the number is said to have dropped below 1,000 at times. EA recently confirmed that it doesn’t want to give up on Battlefield 2042 or the branding.

source: EA . dice