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How can candy help patients?

How can candy help patients?

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Uncertainty and fears often lead to anger and frustration in dementia patients. Ice cream can be an appropriate treatment in such cases.

Are you caring for a relative who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease? The most common form of dementia takes its toll in advanced stages. Those affected lose more and more memories of their previous lives. In extreme cases, even your children are no longer recognised. People with dementia often react with frustration, anger, and irritation when they find situations confusing. This, in turn, can expose caregivers – especially inexperienced people – to significant challenges.

Luciana Kramer, teacher and care professional, offers tips on how to act correctly when dealing with people with dementia. In a number of publications shepherd, published by the nonprofit Alzheimer’s Association of America, offers helpful tips. Ice cream can also be helpful in care, Kramer says.

Anger and irritation in people with dementia are often due to excessive demands

Post titled “The Power of Ice Cream” It shows how useful it is for Alzheimer’s patients to remember the carefree past days.

Yogurt and one mango in a waffle, please: Do you know an Alzheimer’s patient’s favorite ice cream? Then let’s go to the supermarket or to the ice cream shop, advises a care expert. © Arnulf Stoffel/Imago

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“When a person with dementia feels frustrated, they may become angry, upset or cry, or they may run around the house and rummage through drawers and cupboards. (…) People with dementia cannot control their reactions to feelings of frustration,” explains care expert Luciana Kramer in her article.

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These feelings often arise because the person with dementia is overworked with everyday tasks. These are also things that were considered nice in the past, such as eating lunch with the family, baking a cake, or planning a trip. Because people with dementia are unable to soothe themselves and use relaxation techniques on their own, caregivers must do so.

“Ice cream brings people with dementia back to happier, warmer times.”

“Your help is needed to relieve frustration and guide the person suffering from dementia into a state of calm and relaxation,” said Luciana Kramer. “Say sincere reassuring words like ‘It’s okay’, ‘I’m here with you, I’ll help you, I love you’. (…) Reassuring your loved one is a very powerful balm for dementia,” advises the care expert.

According to her, ice cream is also a must-have: “Ice cream brings people with dementia back to happier times, warmer times, when sweets were shared with friends and loved ones on special, joyful occasions. Ice cream has the ability to evoke feelings of immediate soothing, Even with the first taste of one spoonful, nursing expert Kramer continued in her article published by the Alzheimer’s Association: “It erases all negative feelings associated with frustration and stimulates pleasure receptors in the brain.”

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