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How did US spies track down al-Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri?

How did US spies track down al-Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri?

British broadcaster BBC Reconstruct how to track down US spies and kill al-Zawahiri. The basis for this was background talks with high-ranking representatives of the US administration.

Accordingly, US President Joe Biden was informed in early April that spies had identified the al-Qaeda leader’s network. They monitored al-Zawahiri’s house and discovered a woman – who turned out to be al-Zawahiri’s wife. Unlike her husband, she regularly left the house. She is said to have tried to hide her husband’s whereabouts, but ultimately failed. The notes also showed that the al-Qaeda leader was mostly on the balcony.

model making

On July 1, Biden and senior US officials, including the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, reportedly met at the White House and discussed how to reduce the risks of the operation using a model of the Zawahri apartment building. The lawyers then explained the legality of the attack, concluding that al-Zawahiri was a legitimate target because of his “continued leadership role with al-Qaeda, his involvement in al-Qaeda attacks and its operational support.” On July 25, Biden finally approved the operation.

Last weekend, two Hellfire missiles fired from two drones hit the balcony, killing al-Zawahiri. According to intelligence, his family was not harmed. According to the BBC report, the body has not been found.

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