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How does artificial intelligence learn?

How does artificial intelligence learn?

Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella term for everything related to computers Human-like cognitive abilities Imitation, eg b. Learning, language and decision making. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence: mathematical algorithms allow computers to learn from data. This means that it can automatically recognize patterns and extract new knowledge from them without having to be specially programmed to do so.

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Many layers of information processing

The more data and time you give programs, the better they will perform. There is also a form of artificial intelligence where… Neural networks Our brain can be imitated by software. this means “Deep learning“, in German: Deep Learning.

This method allows complex model in data and makes artificial intelligence applications such as image and speech recognition possible. This is amazing Algorithms Stuck for example b. Behind the intelligent chatbot ChatGPT And image generator Mid-flight.

Learning by feeding content

a Artificial neural network It learns by starting with large amounts of data training Become. If you show the network a lot of pictures of different cats, the AI ​​will be trained. If you show it a picture of a cat that the software has never seen before, the AI ​​can also recognize the picture as a cat. Of course, this also applies to animals and other objects. However, how an AI with a neural network in the background makes its decisions is still very clear.

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