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How does Ukraine view the Taurus debate?

How does Ukraine view the Taurus debate?

TTaurus or not Taurus? For six months Germany has been debating whether or not it should deliver a cruise missile to Kiev – but no one asked the Ukrainians. For them – more than for anyone else, including the inhabitants of Russia – Taurus is a question of existence or non-existence.

Gerhard Januck

Political correspondent for Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, based in Warsaw.

Anyone who asks Ukrainians these days what they think of Taurus and German politics will see a mixed picture. Some believe that Berlin will eventually capitulate and hand over the Taurus, which could destroy the bridge from Russia to the peninsula that was built after the annexation of Crimea, and thus the fastest supply route for Russian forces to southern Ukraine. Others, like Kiev military expert Oleksandr Mosyanko, believe in fatalism. “I think that as long as Olaf Scholz remains chancellor, they will not give Ukraine these missiles,” Mosienko told “Maybe we are doomed to try to figure out how to hit the Crimean bridge without these missiles.”

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