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How Europe and the United States want to hurt Putin

How Europe and the United States want to hurt Putin

No money, no gas and no such good friends. About the possible consequences and undesirable side effects of Western sanctions against Moscow.

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday imposed direct sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, he has opened up about how these can be. For days, the EU and the United States have been engaged in potential sanctions in the event of a military escalation. It seems certain that there will be economic activity. How severe these are is said to depend on what action Putin takes next. Depending on the situation, you need to find the right answers.

Western nations are threatening to exclude the country from the Swift organization in the worst case scenario of a military invasion of Ukrainian territory. Exclusion from the international tariff system will affect Russia economically, experts often agree, but could have a negative impact on Europe. “Tough club” is not “always a brilliant sword,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach said earlier this week. After all, countries that rely heavily on Russian gas imports want to keep tariff channels open to Russia, which are essential for processing.

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