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How Russia protects its foreign mediator RT

How Russia protects its foreign mediator RT

NSOscar’s power and the media have been in good shape since Tuesday evening, threatening the US parent YouTube company google browser And again German journalists in Russia made difficult steps. The occasion was provided by the deletion of two YouTube channels from RT DE, where the German branch of Russian State Radio, formerly known as Russia Today, has been recalled since last year. After YouTube removed the two channels on Tuesday, RT DE complained that it had received “no advance warning”. Youtube, on the other hand, announced that RT DE had initially received an “infraction” – a temporary suspension – for uploading content that violated guidelines against misinformation about Covid-19. Then RT DE tried to circumvent the restrictions on the second channel. This violates the terms of use of the platform – and RT DE itself admitted that the second channel, called the “missing part”, was an “alternative channel”.

However, RT DE implied a link to the federal election: the contested contributions were “sometimes several months ago,” but Youtube contested them only shortly before the election. RT DE, on the other hand, did not state that the latest “strike” is the third suspension this year. Both had before then, according to RT DE, “alleged misinformation” about Covid-19, as the same outlet reported at the end of April. Instead, one now complains of a “campaign” by “many major media and organisations”. Youtube takes frequent action against media that share ‘false medical information’ about Covid-19: anyone who publishes information that poses a significant health risk and contradicts the information provided by World Health Organization Standing, it should be expected to be blocked as per the platform guidelines.

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