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How to deal with "mathematics without fear" «

How to deal with “mathematics without fear” «

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Learning coach and teacher in Graz Georg Burckhardt has written a guide on how to overcome the fear of mathematics.

from Norbert Soboda | 6 a.m., August 27, 2021


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Graz author Georg Burkhardt wants mathematics to bring people closer © KLZ / Pay

Somehow you get very thoughtful when you hear what Grazer is like George Burckhardt when he went Mathebuch He wanted to write for the pupils, bringing the little ones closer to the unpopular subject. “The publishers have given me to understand that the book is too simple to pass on the responsible committee,” says the Graz native.

On the advice of the publisher, the CoronaZite The book “Mathematics Without Fear – The Best Tricks To Overcome Your Math Shock And Awaken The Fun With Numbers”. He targets them more Parents of students from the students themselves.

“I loved the math lessons,” says Burckhardt, who went to school in Stainach and then in Bad Aussee before studying chemistry at Graz. He taught at a Montessori school for eight years and at the same time witnessed many Drama from private lessons for studentswho failed in mathematics. “Classic math books are really just sets of exercises. Nobody uses books to learn to understand math,” he says A big problem in a. Even the latest reforms haven’t changed the fact that no kid will come up with the idea: “I’ll read that in the textbook” if they don’t know what to do.

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The book is in great demand especially in Germany, and not only parents but students are interested too second education. Burkhardt shows in some areas (including fractions, arithmetic with powers, and arithmetic of percentages) how one can make life easier and what the benefit is. One of the many times he was cited Tips: “Always ask right away if you don’t know where to go.” Parents are advised to support their children, believe in them and accompany them lovingly instead of bad grades Huge pressure close. Incidentally, the closure made it clear to many parents that “teaching is not easy.”

Burckhardt, who originally came from Erding, has been working in Graz for several years with his wife Training and advice Not only in the field of teaching, but also for companies. This is special Father of three daughters especially on sports Interested: Swimming, cycling and hiking in the foreground. It also develops training plans. The following book is already available Prepare – But the coach does not want to reveal the exact issue yet.