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South Tyrol: So far more than 600,000 vaccines have been administered - Health

South Tyrol: So far more than 600,000 vaccines have been administered – Health

As of yesterday (August 26), a total of 607,311 doses of vaccine have been administered in South Tyrol, which means that the 600,000 mark has been broken. At the same time, the number of infections is increasing. The medical company is appealing to everyone who is still hesitant to get vaccinated now.

In South Tyrol, 308,982 people or 65.8% of the immunized population are now fully protected from vaccination (as of yesterday, August 26, 2021). A total of 607311 vaccination doses were vaccinated, compared to the previous week, and the number of vaccinations reached 15,820. 332,715 people or 70.9% of the immunized population received the first dose of the vaccine.

There is still much room for improvement

South Tyrol currently has 137,000 vaccine doses in stock, more than ever before. Just yesterday, 30,000 doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine arrived.

In comparing vaccinations in Italian regions, South Tyrol ranks last behind Calabria.

Vaccinations by group

People over 80 years old

This group includes: 33,732 people
Aristocies: 28.623
Second dose: 26439

People over 70

This group includes: 46417 people
Erstdosis: 39,847
Second dose: 35520

People over 60 years old

This group includes: 58,927 people
Aristocies: 47.867
Second dose: 41666

People over 50 years old

This group includes: 84,804 people
Aristocies: 63.512
Second dose: 54519

People over 40 years old

This group includes: 74,448 people
Aristocies: 52,860
Second dose: 43620

People over 30 years old

This group includes: 63,481 people
Aristocies: 40.607
Second dose: 30867

People over 20 years old

This group includes: 61,285 people
Aristocies: 39,353
Second dose: 29603

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People between 16 and 19 years old

This group includes: 23242 people
Aristocys: 13.555.0000
Second dose: 9.253

People between 12 and 15 years old

This group includes: 23,121 people
Erstdosis: 6.491
Second dose: 3109

Vaccination in schools

The “School Vaccinations” campaign targets not only educational personnel, but also all pupils over 12 years of age and their parents.

On August 30, vaccination lines are open at the Technical College in Bruneck and on August 31 the vaccinations are given at the State Vocational School “Tschuggmall” in Brixen and at the Carl Wolf Preparatory School in Merano. On September 1, vaccinations will be carried out in Bolzano at the State Vocational School “Luigi Einaudi” and at the Volunteer Fire Brigade Hall of Saint Martin in Thorne. On the 2nd of September there is a possibility of vaccination at the Business School “Raetia” in Ortisei and on the 3rd of September at the Center of the Secondary School in Silandro.

Vaccination buses

Four vaccination buses transport the vaccination to the front door. Since the beginning of the project, a total of 26,821 doses of vaccination have been inoculated in the vaccination buses.

Also in the next few days, various plants across the country will be used and vaccinated quickly and without bureaucracy. This weekend buses stop at Mühlbach, Natz-Schabs, Olang Wengen, Schenna, Nals and Lagundo. Tomorrow, Saturday, the bus will again be in front of the Twenty department store in Bolzano.

Vaccination days

On-site vaccination days are also offered. Every Monday at the Messe vaccination centers in Bolzano and Kaserne Julia in Merano vaccinations without prior notification. There are also several designations in other parts of the country, specifically in Newmarket, Brunique, Brixen, Stirzing, Castleroth, St Maarten in Bassier, Schlanders, Caltern, Wellsburg and Lana.

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The exact locations and dates for all vaccination offers are below chest.

Vaccination reservations

In addition, appointments can also be booked online at Or by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. via the Unified State Reservations Office: Tel: 0471 100999 or 0472973850.

Vaccinations after vaccination

Pfizer BioN Tech

Aristocies: 231.027
Second dose: 200.568

Aristocies: 30.989
Second dose: 28,549
Vaxzevria (formerly AstraZeneca)

Aristocies: 60.446
Second dose: 45479
Johnson & Johnson

Aristocies: 10.253

Expected Births (08/30 – 09/13/2021)
Pfizer BioNTech:
35100 lecturers
modern: 25,520 lecturers
Vaxzevria (formerly AstraZeneca): 0 lecturers
Johnson & Johnson: 0 lecturers
Total: 60,620 cans

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