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How to disable animations in Horizon Forbidden West

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

That’s a good thing Forbidden Horizon West Has unlimited stock. Recently developer Guerrilla Games has accelerated the looting in its bot killing adventure by quietly adding a simple feature: the option to disable small animations.

Forbidden Horizon West, which was first released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in February, is an example of “textbook open-world games,” with all its good and bad that comes with it. at Match reportsYou mentioned a bunch of minor annoyances and specifically made it clear that you should stop navigating to access important resources like ridge (to make arrows), fiber peel (for brewing potions) a million Berry (for immediate recovery).

guerrilla sound Submitted a new job for horizonLatest update for – yeah, that’s exactly Make the game less flicker— but did not specify the detailed change in the patch notes. We don’t know why. Sony representative, Forbidden Horizon WestEditor in Chief, did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

However, after the update you can see the new feature clearly. by disabling pickup animation Option, found under general In the submenu, make sure that Aloy does not stop at picking up small things. Works for most waste West is forbiddenBanned in the West (Ridgewood, Viperzist and yes, raspberry). But for rare items or items that need to be hunted and that need to hold the Triangle to interact with, you still have to stop.

Simple rule: feel free to shoot the prey on the machines Cans And the Cold waterIt can be consumed immediately, just like herbal resources. But whatever you find in a box or on a broken robot skeleton – the machine’s heart, braided circuits and wires, glowing splinters, etc. – forces you to stop moving.

On the whole, disabling pickup animations is a minor tweak that doesn’t dramatically change Horizon Forbidden West. (After crunching the numbers, I’ve found it makes the game, approximately, 1.762 percent more convenient.) But for time-crunched players, every second counts. And it’s one of many quality-of-life features that made Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima—another slickly produced first-party game from the PlayStation oeuvre—such an easily digestible game. Open-world games are overwhelmingly unwieldy enough these days. Any little thing that makes them more whelmingly wieldy is welcome in my book.

That said, I understand why disabled pickup animations wouldn’t appeal to all players. For some, that you have to stop to pick up basic loot is a design choice that makes Horizon feel realistic, immerses you in its world, and forces you to be more deliberate with your actions. But that’s what rules about this quiet update: It’s lovely to have the option now. And some fans, at least, seem happy to take full advantage of it.

“I’m so glad they added a pickup animation…toggle, it saves so much time and doesn’t break exploration continuity or pace,” one player wrote in a semi-viral tweet. “Now I am going to stock up on a million pills [cherry emoji]. “