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Operating system for corporate customers: Microsoft shares fall after strategy presentation |  05.04.22

Operating system for corporate customers: Microsoft shares fall after strategy presentation | 05.04.22

US software giant Microsoft wants to adapt its Windows operating system for corporate customers more closely to the demands of the changing world of work and greater security threats.

CEO Satya Nadella introduced a fully renewable Windows family for use in businesses and organizations at an online event on Tuesday. The solutions offered also include a Windows PC that runs entirely in the cluster cloud, similar to Google’s online Chrome OS.

Needlela said that Windows 365 can be used by organizations of all sizes to become more flexible and resilient. The offer is for smaller companies to larger ones to keep employees connected. Banks can use the system to meet stringent regulatory requirements. The system is also suitable for government agencies operating in some remote areas of the world.

A number of changes relate to security, for example to ward off phishing attacks. In Windows 11 for businesses, the suite introduces a protection function (“Defender SmartScreen”) that warns users against entering their access data on fake websites and malware.

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is designed for business customers to be barrier-free and comprehensive from the ground up. The function of Focus Sessions should help reduce distraction when working. System-wide live translation is designed to facilitate understanding of spoken content. It is not yet clear which of the new functions will also be available in languages ​​other than English from the start.

Group head Nadella stressed that Microsoft wants not only to remove restrictions on the devices used, but also to remove obstacles to optimal work. “What we showed you today is an operating system that adapts to you. For the person, for the task, for the device you’re using, not the other way around. That’s very important in the new world of work.”

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Microsoft shares temporarily lost 1.07 percent to $311.61 on the Nasdaq.